Legion Flying: Now What?

Yesterday, I finally nabbed the “Broken Isles Pathfinder: Part 2” achievement in World of Warcraft. This was no easy feat, as this has been my primary gameplay goal for literally weeks. After struggling in Suramar for longer than I’m willing to admit, I was thrilled to finally have true mobility in the Broken Isles. No more strategically traveling to flight points based solely on what’s nearby! Freedom to take on any quest! Easily farming Legionfall Supplies!

That said, now that I have flying, I need to make sure to have a focus for every play session. I’m still thoroughly enjoying the higher-level content (minus the Thwarting the Twins challenge), but I also have professions I’d like to expand and, as always, gold to make.

Here are some major tasks I’ll be rotating through:

  • Mythic dungeons – with an emphasis on running my own keys
  • Farming Nethershards for higher level gear (iLevel goal = 900, currently 888)
  • Weekly raids (especially those with Class Hall rewards)
  • Herb farming for Herbalism/Inscription
  • Fishing in Broken Isles to max out my Fishing skill, and to farm food materials
  • Building a solid pet battle team, with 1 max level of each type
  • Classic dungeons & the accompanying achievements

I’ll be starting with herb farming today, because I want to stockpile Inscription supplies so I can put up glyphs and Vantus Runes on the Auction House every week. I’m not sure if I’ll change my focus daily or just do what I feel like on any given session, but having specific goals narrows the chance of running around the game aimlessly.

My biggest challenge will be Mythic dungeons. I currently run them randomly with friends, and I’ve only run a key of my own once–and failed miserably. I’m confident I can avoid depleting my keys with solid groups, so I’ll be reading up on strategy guides, watching runs on YouTube, and running more Mythics in general.

As noted above, my current iLevel is 888, but my goal is 900. Farming Nethershards in the Broken Shore is the easiest way to get the gear, but I lose interest in grinding World Quests for both emissaries and Nethershards rather quickly, so I don’t want to binge too hard on this task. I’ve accepted I’m not going to be the best DPS, or even the best Hunter, but I feel the 900 iLevel will definitely make me feel more confident when applying to Mythic or questing groups.

Essentially, I’m switching one major goal for multiple smaller ones now that I have flying, and I’m excited to see how much progress I can make. I hope everyone else is enjoying the freedom as much as I am!



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