Travel: My must-have makeup palettes!

I have amassed quite the collection of makeup, so when I travel, I have to be very selective about my products. I don’t want to carry too much, but I don’t want to be without my faves either. After taking a week long trip and then a weekend trip within the span of less than a month, I found that two palettes were especially versatile.


First, The Manizer Sisters from theBalm. I purchased this palette after receiving a sample of Mary-Lou Manizer in an Ipsy bag. I originally used the shade for highlighting my brows and as an inner corner eyeshadow, but once I had the palette, I began using the shade as an all-over highlighter.

That’s what’s so great about these shades–they work in multiple ways. You can use the whole palette for contouring, or for eyeshadow, or just blush and bronzer, etc. It may only have three shades, but I’ve found from using it almost daily that it’s a hard-working palette!


Second, the StudioMakeup On-The-Go eyeshadow palette, which came in a Boxycharm box. On my first (longer) trip, I brought a different eyeshadow palette, and wished the entire time that I had this one. When I brought it on the weekend trip, it confirmed that it’s perfect for any event. I used the shadows for casual lunches, a wedding rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself, and the “hangover” event the next day!

I love brown/nude colors, so that may be why I love this one so much. The extra shimmery yellow shade in the upper corner is so perfect for brightening up eyes and making you look more awake than you are, while the darker brown and black are perfect for creating a smudged liner look that creates the illusion of bigger eyes. Overall, I love the shades in this palette and they have good staying power, so this will be a top choice for eyeshadow palettes when it comes to travel. Though I will say, I do own more eyeshadow palettes than any other type of makeup, so the race is always changing!


Since all the traveling has died down, I’ve discovered other palettes and must-haves for travel, all of which will be reviewed in upcoming posts! 🙂 Thanks for reading!